Better Bodies 4 Us

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Better Bodies’ Fun Fitness Classes
Tuesdays and Thursdays

**Contact Head Trainer if you have any questions –**


30-minute, virtual,  “live stream” high intensity interval training class that combines strength training with cardio moves to sculpt your entire body. 
October 6 – October 29

6:30p – 7:00p TU/TH (PM)

Package includes:

2 thirty-minute classes per week

Weekly Wellness Wednesday Group Check-in

Bi-weekly work-out emailed

1 Healthy recipe per month


HIIT 4 Me October 2020

Family Fun Fitness Class

45-minute face to face, fun, fitness class for ages 13 and up. Families will sculpt and condition their bodies by combining strength and cardiovascular movements, along with stretching and abdominal work.

October 1 – October 29

12:00p – 12:45p TU/TH (PM)

 Class Location

King Tiger Harrisburg; 

4351 Main St. #209, Harrisburg, 28075

Social Distancing will be implemented. Masks during workout are optional.

Max Class Capacity: 15 participants

Minimum Class Capacity: 9 participants to offer class

Family Fun Fitness Class

Youth Fitness PE Co-Op

Wednesdays “TBD”

**Contact Head PE Teacher for details –**

Youth PhyIT

45-minute structured physical fitness class that combines cardiovascular activities with strength activities to help improve your child’s overall fitness. Each class is taught by a licensed physical education teacher. Social distancing will be required and all equipment will be wiped clean daily.


AM classes only

PE Co-Op